our Intelerit product Portfolio is further supplemented with our solutions practice.

We are at the forefront of technology innovations, connecting decision makers and organizations with our network of ideas, information, and software solutions to make better data-driven decisions, and product strategy.

We are in the business of people, process, and product. Intelerit Solutions & Research business solutions serve our customers where the metal is. 

INTELERIT Solutions & Research

Intelerit Solutions & Research provides commercial enterprises, technology startups, and local businesses operational consulting in the following areas:

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Solution Architecture
  • Application Deployment Strategies
  • High Scalability Product Re-Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile Application Delivery (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • API Design and Implementation
We are your trusted operational technology partner. We only win if you do. 

Additionally we have one of the best product re-engineering and re-discovery processes in the industry. We help companies of all sizes define the next generation of their product pipelines, through a scientific, user-centered creative process.

Our Research and Applied Sciences business is aimed at cutting edge technology explorations, and untapped opportunities within the Education, Travel and Leisure, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Automotive industries. Our team is always testing out new product hypothesis, and challenging the status quo of the processes and products within these industries, with many successes and war stories to show for.

If your company focuses in any of these industries, we can work with your business to drive the use of practical research engineering and technical solutions. From idea conception, to technology feasibility study, we help you be first-to-market with our forward looking approach and strategic planning.  

Technology Research and Applied Sciences Areas:

  • Mobile Development (Retail, TechEd, Auto)
  • Wearable Technology (Auto, FinTech, T&L)
  • Sentiment Analysis / Social Network Analytics (T&L, FinTech)
  • Market Analysis and Risk Management Systems (FinTech, TechEd, T&L)
  • Payment Systems (T&L, FinTech)
  • Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data discovery (FinTech, Auto)
  • Applied Behavioral Sciences (T&L, FinTech, TechEd)
  • Machine Learning (T&L, FinTech, Auto)
  • Knowledge-Base Systems (T&L)
  • Human-computer interaction (Auto)
  • Data Representation (T&L, FinTech, TechEd)
  • Recreation Management Systems (T&L, FinTech)